Mo (11-5)-Looking forward to tonight’s games. 

Miami Heat (12-8) vs Indiana Pacers (12-8)

The Miami Heat are coming into this game losing two games straight, while the Pacers have lost three straight so far. The impressive numbers by Paul George have made this team still a contender in the east, but for this team to really progressive they need to better from the field, especially from their others like CJ Miles and Monta Ellis. Both these teams are on a losing streak, but the Pacers have had better loses than the Heat in this spawn of time. I expect the Pacers to win this game; make sure to check the live broadcast of this game on Rabble TV by the madmansports squad at 7 pm.

Pacers W 98-93

Charlotte Hornets (13-8) vs Memphis Grizzlies (13-10)

The Hornets have been looking all season are one game behind the top spot in the east. This team has a lot of offensive fire power and I expect them to be too much for the Memphis Grizzlies to handle.  

Hornets W 101-90

Golden State Warriors (23-0) vs Boston Celtics (13-9)

The Golden State Warriors have been on a tear all season and I was originally not going to pick this game. However the Celtics have had such an up and down season beating really good teams and having really competitive losses to good teams, so maybe there is hope.They also have lost to some really bad teams too so take that with a grain of salt.

Warriors W 105-100

Cleveland Cavaliers (14-7) vs Orlando Magic (12-10)

Kyrie Irving and Imani Shumpert are now active for the Cavs, which is coming at great time since the Cavaliers have started to look a little stagnant in the last few games. Even if these don’t play tonight, I still think the Cavs will get the win against an Magic.

Cavs W 97-91      

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