Mo (8-4)- I had terrible night picking games last night, hopefully it turns better tonight. 

Philadelphia 76ers (1-21) vs Brooklyn Nets (6-15)

The Philadelphia 76ers are the worst team in the nba and with the being said the Brooklyn Nets aren’t that much better. The Nets are at home for this game and I expect the Nets to get the win against a 76ers team who is coming off a 51 point loss at home to the San Antonio Spurs.

Nets W 95-84

Los Angeles Clippers (13-9) vs Chicago Bulls (11-9)

I went with the Bulls to win their game last tonight against the Celtics and I was sadly disappointed. Watching the game, it become very apparent the Bulls struggle to finish out games in the fourth quarter. Jimmy Butler had a great game scoring 36 points (Career-high) while shooting 50% from the field, going 12 for 14 from the free throw line, and grabbing 7 rebounds. The Bulls are have been struggling lately and I expect the Clippers get the W against Bulls because I don’t think the Bulls have the offensive firepower to keep up with Clippers.

Clippers W 102-92

Atlanta Hawks (14-9) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (13-8)

The Oklahoma City Thunder dominated the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday, ultimately beating the Grizzlies 122-88. Kevin Durant went 11-14 from the field for 32 points, while Russell Westbrook had 13 points and 16 assists. OKC was clicking on all cylinders on the offensive side of the game and showed the true potential of this team. The Hawks are going to this game trying to extend their winning streak to three. Atlanta is a very good team with a very good coach, but I don’t think they beat the Thunder right now in Oklahoma City.

Thunder W 105-95

New York Knicks (10-13) vs Sacramento Kings (8-15)

The New York Knicks got dominated by the Utah Jazz losing 105-85 with the Sasha Vujacic being their top performer scoring 10 points,7 assists and 3 steals (didn’t see that coming). The Knicks are heading into Sacramento on the brink of a five-game road losing streak. Both teams have an an up and down season so far, both looking very good at times and other times very mediocre.

Kings W 97-90

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