Here’s the NFL spread picks for this week.

Brian (66-60-2)  – Not a bad 10-6 week last week, had some shocking upsets though (Patriots and Bears… ya’ll messed up). Remember, I do these in order of confidence.

Patriots (-3.0) Over Texans – Brian Hoyer vs Angry Tom Brady… You tell me.

49ers (pk) Over Browns – The Browns… need I say more?

Steelers (+3.0) Over Bengals – Life isn’t fair, that’s why the Steelers will continue to dominate. NFL Capitalism at it’s finest, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

Seahawks (-9.0) Over Ravens – Matt… Schaub… Has actually not been TERRIBLE… But he continues to throw Pick 6s.

Lions (pk) Over Rams – The Rams have just been awful offensively, and the Lions have looked really good aside from their 2nd half collapse against Green Bay.

Raiders (+8.5) Over Broncos – The Raiders defense is good enough to frustrate Brock, but the Broncos defense is too good for the other young QB.

Saints (+3.5) over Buccaneers – It wouldn’t shock me if either team won, so I’ll take the team that gets extra points.

Redskins (+3.5) Over Bears – Another game where both teams could win, so again, give me the points.

Bills (pk) Over Eagles – I refuse to pick the Eagles because of one crazy upset.

Chiefs (-11.5) over Chargers – I would MAYBE have trouble with this one if the spread was 115.5… Even then, I’d probably take KC.

Jets (-7.5) over Titans – I don’t like big spreads, but the Titans are still not very good…

Falcons (+8.5) Over Panthers – The Falcons still haven’t exactly been blown out… I can see them giving their fans false hope before another 4th quarter collapse.

Vikings (+7.5) Over Cardinals – The Cardinals should win, but I can’t see this Vikings team getting blown out in back to back weeks.

Dolphins (pk) Over Giants – This is just an awful game…

Jaguars (-1.0) Over Colts – Just don’t bet on this one…

Cowboys (+7.5) Over Packers – I hate this game… Do the Packers have another awful showing on offense? Does Cassel even get 3 points? The final of this game could legitimately be 9-6… But also Rodgers could lead the Packers to a 45-6 victory… I have no idea… None… AVOID THIS GAME…


Lane (0-0) –  A little late but ill keep the picks going throughout the playoffs.

Patriots (-3.0) Over Texans – Brady has now had two weeks to prepare their offense around not having Gronk. That means they should be back to their old selves finding open wide receiver and moving the ball effectively. For the texans to win they will need an MVP type performance out of JJ Watt. 

Browns (pk) Over 49ers – Johnny football is back. in a game with no spread it would not surprise me at all to see a 60 yard bomb to Benjamin to win the game.

Steelers (+3.0) Over Bengals – This a case where you could actually say the Bengals have a bigger injury. With Eifert out it will really affect the Bengals offense against a good team. For that reason I think the big three in Pittsburgh will lead way. Big three (D.Williams, Big Ben, and A. Brown)

Seahawks (-9.0) Over Ravens – The Seahawks should honestly feel offended by this spread. They have one of if not the best rush defense in the NFL. Due to injuries Buc allen is literally the only offensive weapon for the Ravens and the Seahawks will slow him down A LOT. Look for a very early lead out of the Seahawks.

Lions (pk) Over Rams – The lions have been one of the hottest team in football. If it was not for a questionable facemask call they would be .500 and in the race for making the playoffs. Stafford is going to light up the rams secondary with megatron having a huge day.

Broncos (-8.5) Over Raiders – The broncos have been rolling and they are going up against a young raiders team. Early on the Raiders offense was rolling but lately they have been showing their age with costly interceptions. This Broncos defense is scary and can rush the passer as well as any team putting a lot of pressure on Carr.

Saints (+3.5) over Buccaneers – The saints tried to play spoiler against a division rival and came up just short. This week they get another chance to play spoiler this time instead of an undefeated season on the line it is a chance to stay in the playoff hunt. So Brees will be on point.

Bears (-3.5) Over Redskins – The Bears have been playing with a purpose. That purpose is to be ready for next year. The Redskins did not look like a football this past monday and they are even worse on the road coming into this game at 0-5 on the road.

Bills (pk) Over Eagles – The Bills are actually a quality team that has just been underachieving this year. Coming in with a healthy Taylor and a healthy McCoy I cannot see them losing.

Chiefs (-11.5) Over Chargers – Well the chargers are simply the hottest team in football outside of the unbeaten Panthers. The Chargers are one of if not he worst team in football. This game will be a blow out.

Jets (-7.5) Over Titans – Simply put who is going to be able to guard Marshall or Decker. The Jets have been rolling and Ivory is slowly picking back up to the level he played to start the season.

Panthers (-8.5) Over Falcons – The Panthers were simply put embarrassed last week. While they were able to walk away with the victory they gave up a season high 38 points and they will be angry. Sadly for the Falcons they have steadily been getting worse and the Panthers are mad and trying to stay unbeaten.

Cardinals (-7.5) Over Vikings – The Cardinals will win. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL and teddy Bridgewater has not been good against the top teams in the NFL. This game should be good but sadly it will be the story of a top team vs. a team that had a good run this year.

Giants (pk) Over Dolphins – This is a must win for the Giants. Both teams have been having very sub- par years. I think the difference in this game will be too much OBJ as it almost was for the Jets last week.

Jaguars (-1.0) Over Colts – The colts are likely playing with their third string QB this does not play well for them. The Jags have had a much improved offense but their defense has been nonexistent. This game easily could be a Colts victory if either Luck comes back or Hassleback plays.

Cowboys (+7.5) Over Packers – I actually think this is the case where the Packers have been playing so bad. The Cowboys defense showed up last week and I think they will come in very well prepared for this game. Look for this to be incredibly close and there be a chance for a big play by Dez in the fourth to play a key part in the outcome.

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