Here’s the daily spread picks:

Brian (134-139-1) – Another 5-1 night after going 8-1 the night before, maybe my stock is going up?

Lane (4-2) – Not bad for my first day picking games. A late comeback by the Pacers almost landed me at 5-1.

Brian – Celtics (-3.0) Over Bulls – Two very similar teams, so I’ll just take the home team. Celtics are a little more balanced on offense. Make sure you catch our LIVE BROADCAST of the game on!

Lane – Bulls (+3.0) Over Celtics – This is a story of 2 teams that should be better than they are. For me I feel like the bulls have a little more defense so I will take points with a better defense.

Brian – Heat (-1.0) Over Hornets – With Al Jefferson still out, I’ll take the Heat in what should be a very close game.

Lane – Heat (-1.0) Over Hornets – The Heat have been playing well and are currently atop the Eastern Conference. For that reason i will take them in basically a pick’em.

Brian – Rockets (+3.0) Over Wizards – The Rockets did get beat down last night, but against a team like Washington, that’s so careless with the ball, I can see Harden having a ton of fast-break points.

Lane – Wizards (-3.0) Over Rockets – The Rockets looked awful against a Nets team that is not good this year. The Wizards have been struggling but I think they will turn it around especially at home.

Brian – Spurs (-5.5) Over Raptors – The Spurs are just so good defensively, I can see them forcing Derozan and Lowry into some bad shots.

Lane – Spurs (-5.5) Over Raptors – The Spurs just beat the Sixers by a the most points in franchise history and did not play any of their key players. That means they are all rested and will be ready to go against the Raptors.

Brian – Pistons (-4.0) Over Grizzlies – Last night was rough, and with Marc Gasol still questionable, it’s tough to pick Memphis again, especially coming off of a back to back.

Lane – Pistons (-4.0) Over Grizzlies – The Pistons are playing very well this and they are at home. The Grizzlies looked slow and really lacked offensive flow with Gasol out. As long as he is out the Grizzlies will continue to struggle.

Brian – Timberwolves (-6.0) Over Lakers – Andrew Wiggins and Karl Towns, enjoy the Lakers, you guys are gonna have a fun time scoring on them.

Lane -Timberwolves (-6.0) Over Lakers – The Lakers are awful and on the road. The Timberwolves are young energetic and an exciting team to watch.

Brian – Clippers (-6.0) over Bucks – Now that Chris Paul is back, expect a nice, smooth offensive showing from the Clippers.

Lane – Clippers (-6.0) over Bucks – With Blake playing on another level right now and the Clippers getting Chris Paul back they will have their offense playing the way it should be.

Brian – Suns (-4.5) Over Magic – The Suns are a little more well rested, and after finding their identity against Chicago, I can see them taking advantaged of a tired Magic team.

Lane -Suns (-4.5) Over Magic – This is the case where Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight are going to be too much for the Magic to handle.

Brian – Knicks (+3.5) Over Jazz – YOU CAN’T STOP THE KRISTAPS TRAIN!!!

Lane – Jazz (-3.5) Over Knicks – The Knicks do not play good defense. The Jazz have too many good shooters that if you do not close on them quickly they will put up a lot of points and quickly especially at home.

Brian – Hawks (+1.5) Over Mavericks – Very tough game… I’ll just flip a coin.

Lane – Mavericks (-1.5) Over Hawks – This is a tough game. Two very good teams for that reason I am going to take the home team. If this was in Atlanta I would take the Hawks.

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