Here’s the daily spread picks

Brian – (78-60-1) – 3-3 last night, as long as we stay at or above .500 each day we should be good.

Brian – Hofstra (-1.0) Over Siena – Two mediocre teams, but Hofstra can shoot the lights out.

Brian – Creighton (-5.0) Over Nebraska – I doubted Creighton. They aren’t great, but I think they’re better than Nebraska.

Brian – UNLV (+7.0) Over Wichita State – Uhhh…. I…. UNLV is pretty good… I know I doubted them earlier, but they’ve proven me wrong. Stop living in the past Vegas, I love the Shockers as much as anyone, but they just aren’t great right now.

Brian – Dayton (+9.0) Over Vanderbilt – Dayton is pretty good, they move the ball very well, and they have lots of depth. I like Vandy, but if I’m given 9 points with Dayton against a team that isn’t extremely elite, I’ll take it.

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