After a day off, we’re back with more, here’s the daily picks.

Brian (121-137-2) – Still haven’t gone below .500 in a few days, things are making more sense now.

Hornets (-3.5) Over Pistons – The Pistons are coming off of a back to back, and the Hornets are just playing very well right now.

Spurs (-13.0) Over the Sixers – Now that the spread is out… I’ll still take San Antonio. Too well coached, and Jahlil might not play again.

Heat (-9.5) Over Wizards – The Heat are quietly the #1 seed in the East right now. Few teams have been better defensively, they should force a ton of turnovers here, especially if Wall doesn’t play.

Mavericks (-2.5) Over Knicks – Looks like the MAVERICKS are actually favored by 2.5, but hey, I was right about the number.

Lakers (+13.0) Over Raptors – Kobe looks to be out, which seems like it could benefit the young Lakers.

Suns (+6.0) Over Bulls – The Suns continue to blow games and lose heartbreakers… I have a feeling they’ll be playing for that win tonight.

Bucks (+1.5) Over Trail Blazers – Surprised that Portland is favored here… Then again, Milwaukee has been awful. I’ll go with the Home team here.

Clippers (-1.0) Over Timberwolves – No Chris Paul… Which makes this very tough, but I have a feeling Blake Griffin is gonna go off.

Celtics (+1.0) Over Pelicans – Impressive win for the Pelicans against the Cavs, but the Celtics should take this one.

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