Here’s the daily spread picks.

Brian – (116-132-2) – 16 games… gotta make up 16 games…

Sixers (+3.5) Over Nuggets – I’ll be at the game… That’s all.

Warriors (-7.5) Over Raptors – I will never pick against GS…

Cavaliers (+2.0) Over Heat – You have to wonder if last night was just a trap game for Cleveland… The Heat have been great, but the Cavs live for big games like this.

Hornets (+6.0) Over Bulls – The Hornets played well against Chicago earlier this year, I think they can cover here.

Rockets (-3.0) Over Kings – The Rockets have won 4 of their last 5, the Kings hit them at the wrong time.

Timberwolves (-1.5) Over Trail Blazers – Not sure how anybody on Portland will stop Karl Towns honestly…

Knicks (-2.0) Over Bucks – Kristaps Porzingis looks great… Have to admit that…

Celtics (+9.0) Over Spurs – The Spurs are incredible defensively… Especially at home.. But the Celtics don’t depend on any individual player on a nightly basis, they’re very balanced, which could work against San Antonio.

Pacers (-2.0) Over Jazz – Paul… George…

Magic (+2.5) Over Clippers – The Magic are undefeated since sending Oladipo to the bench… Their team has more shooting firepower, it’s really helped them. I’ll take them here.

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