Here’s the daily picks.

Brian (114-128-2) – .500 or above the past three nights, let’s keep the streak going.

Knicks (-3.0) Over Nets – The Nets are just a significantly worse team on the road both offensively and defensively. They have improved their play, and this is an intercity rivalry, but the Knicks should handle business.

Wizards (+1.0) Over Suns – The Wizards are strange, mostly because of their carelessness with the ball. One of the worst teams in the league in terms of turnovers. However, I’ll still take them, especially because they’re one of the few teams in the league with a guard combination that can compare to Knight and Bledsoe.

Bucks (+6.0) Over Detroit – The Bucks are awful in 4th quarters… That’s been one of their main issues. However, they can shoot the 3 ball and score in the paint. Greg Monroe vs. Andre Drummond should be a treat for us. I think the Bucks can keep it close, if not win the game.

Lakers (+11.5) Over Hawks – I just can’t depend on the Hawks to cover these large spreads. Also, the Lakers looked very solid in their last game against the Wizards. Kobe seems more relaxed now, which could lead to some other young players feeling less pressure. The Hawks should win, but the Lakers could keep it within 11.

Mavericks (-5.5) Over Rockets – What is wrong with Houston? They can’t stop anybody, and they can’t shoot the three… Which is basically the two things this team was built to do… So yea… That’s what’s wrong with them.

Cavaliers (-5.0) Over Pelicans – The Pelicans have easily been one of the biggest disappointments of this young basketball season… Not an easy game for them to win against the Cleveland Lebrons…

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