Here’s the daily spread picks.

Brian (66-48-1) – Not my best night, but still soared around .500. Not as many games tonight, let’s try to steal a few.


Brian- Kentucky (-5.5) Over UCLA – Assuming Tyler Ulis plays, this is too easy. UCLA has just underachieved so far this season.

Eric- Kentucky (-5.5) Over UCLA – It’s gonna be fun watching the Skal/Tony Parker matchup; both are some very skilled big men. But the guard play is what wins this game CONVINCLY for the Cats.

Brian- Valparaiso (-8.0) Over Belmont – I want to believe that Belmont is good enough to cover that spread… But Valpo is pretty good.

Eric- UC Riverside (-16.5) over Northern Colorado – Sounds like a crap game, but UCR is undefeated at home this year. Senior guard Jaylen Bland scores on command. Expect a rout.

Brian- USC (-3.0) Over UC Santa Barbara – I understand it’s a road game but… USC has such a good offense.

Eric- USC (-3.0) Over UC Santa Barbara – Uhhhhhh… yeah… USC covers.


… Well, that’s it. Not a lot of action going on tonight.


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