Brian Sullivan

A rough week, went against my gut a few times, failed to observe the match-ups. Went a little more in depth this week, I’m feeling good. Here we go guys. Remember, these are in order of confidence.

Record (56-54-2)

Broncos (-4.0) Over Chargers – Am I reading this right? It’s 4 right? Not 40? Even then, I’d take the Broncos. This game will be over by the end of the 1st quarter.

Panthers (-7.5) Over Saints – I’ve learned my lesson… Don’t bet against Carolina…

Bears (-7.5) Over 49ers – The Bears are just a mismatch all over the field… Who will stop Alshon Jeffery? How do the Niners stop the 1-2 punch of Forte and Langford? How do they throw it against a serviceable Bears secondary? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Patriots (-10.5) Over Eagles – The Eagles have TOO MUCH TALENT to be as bad as they are… I can see them actually trolling us all and actually playing well. Still, come on, in New England? The Pats should throttle them, 56-10.

Jets (-1.0) Over Giants – I don’t know how the Giants offensive line will stop this Jets D-line… Still, if Revis can’t play, Odell is gonna have a huge day.

Packers (-3.0) Over Lions – If the Packers can find a way to attack the weaker points in the Lions secondary, they should find a way to win this game. DE Mike Daniels has been on a tear, I don’t see the Lions stopping him.

Steelers (-6.5) Over Colts – This reminds me of that game last year where Ben put on a historical performance… So yea, the Steelers win big.

Ravens (+4.0) Over Dolphins – Feels easy, I think the Ravens win straight up. They’re just tougher on both fronts, and Marshal Yanda is one of the few human beings on the planet that’s talented enough to slow down Suh.

Seahawks (pk) over Vikings – I feel like the Vikings are staring their future right in the face (in a good way). But in the end, both O-lines will have issues stopping these vicious defenses. I’ll take Russell Wilson, who’s a bit more experienced, over Bridgewater here.

Bengals (-7.5) Over Browns – It IS a rivalry… But the Bengals should destroy this Browns team…

Falcons (-1.0) Over Buccaneers – I think that the Falcons will run the ball well here, and that Julio Jones will be borderline unstoppable.

Chiefs (-2.5) Over Raiders – The Chiefs are one of the few teams with enough elite pass rushers to fluster Derek Carr. I’ll go with them here in a lower scoring affair.

Bills (-3.0) Over Texans – The Bills are one of the few teams that have an offensive line that’s playing well enough to somewhat slow down JJ Watt. They shouldn’t have too much trouble running the ball, I think they control the game, and make things tough for Brian Hoyer on the opposite end.

Redskins (-4.5) Over Cowboys – The Redskins are just a perfect mismatch for Dallas… Their tackles will contain the Cowboys edge rushers… The weapons on the outside should beat the Cowboys struggling corners… The defensive line is good enough to go toe to toe with the Cowboys line… Romo is out… But still, it’s an NFC East game… So you never know…

Cardinals (-7.0) Over Rams – The Cardinals are coming off of a tough game… Time to bounce back here. Feels like they’ve been prepping for this game for a while.

Jaguars (+1.0) Over Titans – I think the Jaguars will attack the weak interior offensive line of the Titans. If Allen Hurns can play, the Titans will have trouble slowing him, as well as Robinson, down.


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