Here’s the daily picks.

Brian (104-123-2) – The Sixers win a game AND I go 4-2 for the night??? A sign of things to come?!?!?!?!?! Nah… Here’s the picks.

Warriors (-9.0) Over Hornets – I still can’t go against them…

Wizards (-9.5) Over Lakers – The Lakers are truly awful…

Pistons (-4.0) Over Suns – I can’t figure the Pistons out…

Sixers (+9.0) Over Knicks – Coming off of a WIN!… I think they can keep it within 9 tonight.

Raptors (+3.0) Over Hawks – Should be an interesting match-up, I’ll take the team with points.

Nuggets (+10.0) Over Bulls – The Bulls aren’t exactly offensive minded, I think they’ll win, but the Nuggets can keep it within 10.

Rockets (-4.0) Over Pelicans – Why do I still pick Houston…?

Spurs (-12.0) Over Bucks – I would like the see the Bucks get their act together, but nah.

Pacers (+2.5) Over Clippers – Who stops Paul George? I’ll tell you who, nobody…


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