SO MUCH BASKETBALL TONIGHT! Make it even more interesting with some spread picks!

Brian (61-43-1) – 4-4-1 last night, let’s bounce back here.

George Washington (-7.5) Over Seton Hall – Seton Hall doesn’t do much for me, GW has been balling out.

Northeastern (-7.0) Over Harvard – Harvard, who’s usually pretty solid, is awful this year. NE has played some tough teams, including Miami, who they beat. They blow out Harvard.

Michigan State (-6.0) Over Louisville – Michigan State is just too good…

Syracuse (-5.0) Over Wisconsin – Syracuse, despite really having nothing to play for, has DOMINATED their opposition. Wisconsin has been disappointing. I’ll take Cuse.

Tulsa (+3.0) Over Oklahoma State- I just think Tulsa is the better basketball team… Simple as that.

Murray State (+7.0) Over Houston – I had no reason to pay too much attention to Houston before the season. They are undefeated, but I need to see more. Murray State has impressed me so far, they should cover here.

VCU (-4.0) Over Middle Tennessee – VCU is still good… That’s it. Middle Tennessee, not so much.

Indiana (+10.0) Over Duke – Duke is the better team, but Indiana can keep up with them, and keep it somewhat close.

Notre Dame (-2.5) Over Illinois – Illinois is just terrible… Too young, too inexperienced. Notre Dame has really underachieved, but I think they’ll take this one.

Iowa (-5.5) Over Florida State – Iowa has the offensive firepower to make this game a bigger victory.

Gonzaga (-10.0) Over Washington State – Washington State’s undefeated season ends tonight, Zaga is just a powerhouse…

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