The NBA is in the midst of witnessing history of epic proportions on both sides of the ball this year. On one hand it looks like we’re all going to win the lottery before the Golden State Warriors lose a game, and on the other hand it’s losing one of the greatest to ever play the game in Kobe Bryant. This will surely add more intrigue to the Lakers this season even though a playoff berth is highly unlikely. The Spurs are continuing to hold down the 2nd place spot in the West with a 14-3 record and already coach Pop is resting some of his veteran players from games. The Thunder and Mavs at 3 and 4 respectively look like they’ll be around this spot all season long barring any unforeseen injuries to important players. The Jazz early on so far look like they can contend with the big boys in the West especially with the array of road games they’ve had to play early  in their schedule. For all the hoopla on twitter over the summer between the Mavs and Clippers you’d think the Clippers, stealing DeAndre back from Dallas would be better than 9-8 and 7th in the West. Maybe instead of throwing lobs on the TL(twitter TL for you non-tweeters) they should be throwing lobs on the court. The Rockets still fresh off their recent coaching change are still treading water in the lower half of the Western Conference but a 2 game winning streak has them up to 10th. And don’t look now but that team from Minnesota with a guy named A. Wiggins is sneakily in 9th behind the Phoenix Suns who are among the league leaders in alternate jerseys. The Western Conference standings so far:

  1. Warriors
  2. Spurs
  3. Thunder
  4. Mavericks
  5. Grizzlies
  6. Jazz
  7. Clippers
  8. Suns

There’s a team besides the Warriors on pace to set a regular season record although it’s a record nobody wants to have. The Sixers are a dreadful 0-18 tying the ’09 New Jersey Nets(being a Nets fan I feel your pain Philly) for the worst start to a season. However don’t worry as the rest of the East is actually pretty good. The Cavaliers still stand as the top dog in the conference and are playing pretty well without Kyrie Irving. The Pacers to many people’s delight up in Hoosier country have leaped up to 2nd place at 11-5, just 1.5 games behind Cleveland. Although the Raptors and Hawks each have 11 wins they are 5th and 7th in the conference due to the amount of losses they’ve accumulated so far. The Raptors look to be the favorite out of the Atlantic as Boston has cooled down a bit sliding to 9th in the conference. Chicago and Miami continue to jostle for position at that 3rd and 4th spot as D-Wade and Bosh look to form their own legacy without Lebron. And is that a buzzing sound you hear? It’s just the Charlotte Hornets casually sitting at 6th in the East. Who would’ve thought! Still the big shocker is how poorly the Bucks and Wizards are doing, each with only 6 wins and near the basement in the East. The Eastern Conference standings so far:

  1. Cavaliers
  2. Pacers
  3. Heat
  4. Bulls
  5. Raptors
  6. Hornets
  7. Hawks
  8. Magic



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