Here’s the daily picks.

ALSO, due to the lack of relevant games, there will be no CBB picks against the spread today.

Brian (96-117-2) – This is just proof that even if you study the game, you shouldn’t gamble early in the season. I’ll get this record up though…

Rockets (+4.0) Over Pistons – Maybe that Overtime win is what the Rockets needed? They HAVE to get it going eventually, right?

Heat (-4.0) Over Celtics – Since their impressive west coast trip, the Celtics have calmed down a bit. They won’t lose by 20 again, but the Heat should put it away in the fourth.

Thunder (-2.5) Over Hawks – The Hawks are just… good. Not great. Now that KD and Westbrook are playing again, the Thunder can return to being a force. Unless Horford dominates Kanter down low, I think they Thunder have this.

Bulls (+3.5) Over Spurs – I’m counting on the Bulls keeping this close… They’re one of the few teams strong enough defensively to pull off an upset against San Antonio.

Bucks (-3.5) Over Nuggets – This is a real toss up…

Warriors (-8.0) Over Jazz – Watch this be the game that the Warriors lose… But seriously, single digits? Take it.

Mavericks (-1.5) Over Kings – I can’t count on the Kings to win games…

Clippers (-7.0) Over Trail Blazers – The Clippers at home should be able to get revenge on the Blazers.



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