It’s FOOTBALL SUNDAY, but for all you Browns, Ravens, Chargers, Eagles, Titans, and so on fans, here’s some NBA bets to take your mind off of Football.

Brian (93-112-2)

Bucks (+6.5) Over Hornets – I can NEVER get these teams right… I just don’t see anybody on Charlotte who can stop Giannis…

Timberwolves (+9.0) Over Clippers – There’s not beating around the bush here… The Clippers just aren’t playing great basketball right now. They’ll pick it up, I’m sure they’ll do it here, since I picked against them. For now, I’ll go with the solid team that’s getting 9 points.

Pistons (-4.5) Over Nets – The Nets DID play the Cavs competitively… But WHO is going to stop Drummond? Brook Lopez? I don’t think so.

Celtics (-2.0) Over Magic – I REALLY want the Magic to win… So I’ll pick against them. All jokes aside, this is a pretty even matchup, but the Celtics have the experience to close out the game if it’s close.

Raptors (-4.5) Over Suns – The Raptors ARE coming off of a back to back, but the Suns have really regressed…

Sixers (+11.5) Over Grizzlies – An IDEAL match-up for the Sixers; a team that can’t shoot. They might actually dig deep and get that first W… Ok, let’s not get carried away.

Knicks (+1.5) Over Rockets– The Rockets have yet to prove to us that they are “back” yet, the Knickstaps Porzingis’s have played very well this season.

Pacers (-9.5) Over Lakers – The Lakers are a joke…


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