Took a few days off for the Thanksgiving break, but it’s time to get back on the grind.

Brian (53-37)

Duke (-17.5) Over Utah State – I like Utah State actually… Which is why I have a feeling that Duke is gonna win by 45 points.

Okahoma (-8.0) Over Wisconsin – Oklahoma just has so much firepower, and Wisconsin is still adjusting to all of the turnover.

Evansville (+3.0) Over UC Irvine – I like both of these teams… So I’ll take the points, especially on a neutral court.

SMU (-23.0) Over Brown – I know, it’s a HUGE spread, but Brown is awful, and SMU is a lot better than people think.

Arizona (-4.5) Over Boise State – Boise State has picked it up, and Arizona has underachieved, but Arizona still has more talent.

Providence (+8.0) Over Michigan State – Kris Dunn is good enough to keep this game within 8 points…

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