We took a few days off for Thanksgiving, you know, to like be with our families and stuff and not worry about sports. BUT WE’RE BACK! Here’s some more picks.

Brian (90-108-2)

Raptors (-3.0) Over Wizards – I can’t figure out the Wizards… Are they good? The Raptors are, at least when it comes to being a competitive regular season team, a great team.

Cavaliers (-10.0) Over Nets – The Nets usually keep these big spread games close… But I have a feeling this is a Cavs beatdown kind of night.

Mavericks (-9.0) Over Nuggets – The Nuggets are starting to slowly crash back to reality after 5 straight losses. #6 comes tonight.

Spurs (-7.5) Over Hawks – This spread is too big… Even though the Spurs are great, the Hawks are solid too… But when I see something that looks too easy, I tend to go opposite.

Pelicans (+8.0) Over Jazz – I understand, the Pels are 4-12… But they ARE 3-1 in their last 4 games. The Jazz dominate down low… Anthony Davis should help prevent that. It should be somewhat close.

Lakers (+8.5) Over Trail Blazers – Yuk… But the Blazers, like the Nuggets, are starting to crash back to reality. The Lakers can cover here.

Warriors (-15.0) Over Kings – I can’t bet against the Warriors ever.


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