We’re thankful for food, football, and most of all, you the fans! We also like money, check out our picks for some college ball today.

Brian (48-32)

Xavier (-10.5) Over Alabama – Feels like Dayton vs. Bama 2.0

Wichita State (-2.5) Over USC – USC has actually looked impressive so far, but I’m a huge fan of the Wichita roster, even with the loss to Tulsa on their resume.

UC Irvine (+1.5) Over Boise State – Boise State isn’t ready to handle the monster that is Mamadou Ndiaye… But seriously, they aren’t a bad squad.

Villanova (-16.0) Over Stanford – Nova is known for just obliterating its opposition during the regular season.

West Virginia (-7.0) Over Richmond – West Virginia basketball honestly reminds me of their football team; they’ll beat down on weak teams, and get beat by the good ones. Richmond hasn’t been great this year.

Notre Dame (-9.0) Over Monmouth – Notre Dame is finding it’s groove, that offense is lights out. Expect a big win here.

Michigan State (-15.5) Over Boston College – I’m on the Michigan State hype train, BIG win for them here.

Texas (-2.5) Over Washington – A rare case of two teams out of conference that are playing each other again… The fact that Texas is STILL favored is fishy to me… so I’ll take them.

Dayton (+2.0) Over Iowa – Should be a great matchup, so I’ll take the team with the points.

Evansville (+2.0) Over Providence – An underrated matchup, but as I’ve said, Kris Dunn can’t do it all on his own.

Drexel (-2.5) Over UNC Asheville Until my Drexel Dragons get a win, I’m betting on them. GO DRAGONS (Seriously though, this one is for me, feel free to ignore it).


Image Credit – http://thesportsquotient.com/ncaa-bb/2014/12/19/the-five-best-college-basketball-teams-from-outside-the-traditional



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