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Brian (50-44-2) (In order of confidence)

Cardinals (-11.5) Over 49ers – Blaine Gabbert.

Vikings (-1.0) Over Falcons – The Vikings are just a more complete football team. They have the secondary weapons to shut down Julio Jones. Bet the house on them.

Giants (-1.0) Over Redskins – Rivalry games are usually unpredictable, but Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning have absolutely owned Kirk Cousins… That shouldn’t change here.

Steelers (+4.5) Over Seahawks – The Steelers host the Colts next week. So we all know how this works. They go into Seattle, win by about 10, Ben has himself an insane day, before they inevitably crap the bed against an average team next week.

Raiders (-1.0) Over Titans – Why is the spread only 1 point? I understand the Raiders lost to Detroit, but come on?

Eagles (pk) Over Lions – Detroit has looked solid, the Eagles have not. However, the Eagles are still the better team. I think they make a statement here.

Chargers (+4.0) Over Jaguars – Philip Rivers has dominated Jacksonville. Furthermore, the Chargers are SO bad at everything. They’ll find a way to be bad at tanking.

Packers (-10.0) Over Bears – The Packers are due for a home blowout right?

Bills (pk) Over Chiefs – I just like the matchup for the Bills. I can’t see the Chiefs effectively running the ball against Buffalo.

Patriots (-3.0) Over Broncos – The Brock Lobster had himself a nice debut, but this Patriots team is a whole different animal. They’ll find a way to carve up that Broncos defense.

Jets (-3.5) Over Dolphins – This one is tricky, neither team has looked great lately… But the Dolphins are a special kind of terrible this year.

Cowboys (pk) Over Panthers – The Panthers have to lose eventually. Interesting stat, Tony Romo is the only QB in history to beat 2 9-0 teams or better in his career. Could he get his third win here?

Rams (+10.0) Over Bengals – The Rams are really good at being a different football team every week. This will be that week when they’re actually elite for some reason.

Colts (-3.0) Over Bucs – Everything says the Bucs should win this game… But my gut is telling me take the Colts. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut.

Saints (+3.0) Over Texans – The Saints realistically won’t win this game… But every now and then, they win weird games that they shouldn’t.

Ravens (+2.5) Over Browns – Why would you even watch this? Or bet on it? Just… take the evidence that this game even exists and burn it. Throw it away. Far away. Take the ashes of the evidence and send them to Madagascar.

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