We may as well start doing this every day.

Brian (43-29) – Let’s keep this up, and we’ll be rich soon.

Washington (+10.0) Over Gonzaga – I just don’t think Zaga is that great. Washington has been on fire, I think they keep it within 10.

Duke (-13.0) Over Yale – Yale just doesn’t have what it takes… Duke blows them out here.

La Salle (-4.0) Over Penn – I live in Philly guys, I keep up with Philly basketball. La Salle is a much better team.

Texas A&M (-3.0) Over Texas – Shaka Smart just hasn’t been working his magic yet. I love the way A&M plays. They win by about 5 here.

North Dakota State (-6.5) Over Montana – I know nothing about Montana, but I do know that NDSU can ball.

UCONN (-3.0) Over Michigan – I like Michigan, but this UCONN team looks explosive right now.

Massachusetts (+4.0) Over Creighton – I still don’t get it… Creighton just isn’t that great.

Clemson (-12.0) Over Rutgers – Rutgers is just a dumpster fire in all their sports. Clemson gets a big win, Deshaun Watson throws for 5 TDs.

NOTE- Though I didn’t pick the spread, everyone should watch Vanderbilt Vs. Kansas tonight, could be a final 4 preview.


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