Here’s the daily picks.

Brian (81-99-2) – A solid 5-2 night, but a lot of tricky games tonight.

Wizards (-2.5) Over Pacers – The Pacers have been on fire, and I’m not sure who will stop Paul George. But the front court match-up AND the guards play in the Wizards favor.

Celtics (+2.5) Over Hawks – The Celtics seem to have the Hawks number this year, I’ll take them with the points.

Grizzlies (-2.5) Over Mavericks – The Grizzlies have found their identity defensively. Furthermore, the Mavericks won’t be able to stop Gasol and Randolph.

Nuggets (+7.0) Over Clippers – The Clippers have just looked lost lately… Nuggets cover at home.

Bulls (-3.0) Over Blazers – Jimmy Butler could shut down Damian Lillard tonight… If so, it’ll be a rough night for the Blazers.

Warriors (-17.0) Over Lakers – The Warriors break the record with a HUGE win over the Lakers.

Eric (0-0)

Pacers (+2.5) over Wizards: I’m a huge John Wall fan, but the way the Pacers have been playing up against an aging front court for the Wizards should work in their favor

Celtics (+2.5) Over Hawks: Brad Stevens’s squad is clicking on all cylinders, expect more of the same tonight.

Mavericks (+2.5) Over Grizzlies: Love the way the Mavs have played lately, Dirk and Deron Williams should have solid nights.

Clippers (-7.0) Over Nuggets: Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin should dominate down low, and Chris Paul should contain Mudiay, though I still think Mudiay will be impressive.

Bulls (-3.0) Over Trail Blazers: The Bulls are just the deeper team. Mirotic should have a nice game.

Warriors (-17.0) Over Lakers: The Lakers…


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