Brian (35-38) – Went 5-5 last week, started off on fire, finished off colder than Antarctica. Here’s some picks.

Texas (-1.5) Over Texas Tech – Not sure why Texas is favored here… So I’ll pick them.

Pittsburgh (-6.0) Over Miami Fl. – Pitt has been on fire lately, especially Tyler Boyd. They should win big here.

Houston (-1.0) Over Navy – I’m counting on Houston bouncing back here.

Iowa (-1.5) Over Nebraska – Seriously? Nebraska is SO good at losing! Iowa is good at winning. They will win.

Baylor (-1.5) Over TCU – TCU just lost their spark… Baylor still has some firepower, they win here.

West Virginia (-14.0) Over Iowa State – Iowa State looked good last week until blowing it at the end… So yea, West Virginia has this.

Michigan (-2.0) Over Ohio State – Michigan is going to CLOBBER Ohio State… Ohio State has given up.

Clemson (-17.0) Over South Carolina – The Citadel… That is all.

Virginia (+3.5) Over Virginia Tech – I like the way Virginia played last week… They’ve improved a little over the course of the season. So I’ll take them to at least cover at home.

Syracuse (+3.0) Over Boston College – If Syracuse scores more than 7 points, it’ll be tough for Boston College to keep up… (It’s a joke, BC has an awful offense…)

Auburn (+13.5) Over Alabama – Come on, it’s the Iron Bowl… Auburn should make it somewhat interesting right?

Wisconsin (-2.5) Over Minnesota – Minnesota is just mediocre… Wisconsin needs a bounce back win.

USC (-3.0) Over UCLA – USC has played very well… Their loss to Oregon was hard fought. UCLA has been streaky, I’ll take the home team.

Northwestern (-3.5) Over Illinois – Northwestern has it’s swagger back.

Kansas State (-20.0) Over Kansas – Kansas is just awful…

Mississippi State (+1.0) Over Ole Miss – You’re welcome Ole Miss fans, I’m ALWAYS wrong about them…

Notre Dame (+3.5) Over Stanford – This should be interesting… That huge spread makes me nervous, but I’ll go with ND.

Oklahoma State (+7.0) Over Oklahoma – The Big 12 is just screwing itself over… Ok. State messes things up for Oklahoma.

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