Tournaments continue, so here’s more picks!

Brian (36-24) – A pretty solid day, let’s keep it going.

St. Johns (+20.5) Over Indiana – Both teams playing a back to back, so I expect a closish game. St. John’s is pretty terrible, but they should be able to score a lot.

LSU (pk) Over NC State – Ben Simmons…

Rhode Island (-7.0) Over TCU – When I see a big spread from a mid major over a team from a power conference, I usually go with the mid major.

Murray State (+4.0) Over Pepperdine – I feel less good about this one, but I really like this Murray State team.

Vanderbilt (-10.5) Over Wake Forest – Impressive showing by Wake yesterday, but this Vanderbilt team is special.

Northwestern (-7.5) Over Missouri – Northwestern put up a fight against UNC… Missouri is awful.

LA Tech (+9.0) Over Ohio State – Ohio State isn’t great… LA Tech is actually in the top 25 for RPI right now. That’s impressive. I think they cover.

Oakland (-1.0) Over Southern Illinois – I won’t lie, I know nothing about these teams. But when a 1-1 team is favored over a 4-0 team, there’s usually a reason.

Maryland (-11.5) Over Illinois State – Illinois State was one of many sexy sleepers early on, but they haven’t impressed me. Maryland, it’s time to explode and show the world why you’re the number 2 team in the nation.

Kansas State (+10.5) Over UNC – K-State isn’t that great, but on a back to back, they should keep it close with a UNC team that hasn’t quite lived up to expectations so far.

Kansas (-9.0) Over UCLA – I think this will be a close first half, but Kansas has too much talent. They’ll pull away in the second.



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