Another Friday night of games, let’s get right into it.

Brian (68-87-2) – Well, I went 8-0 on college picks yesterday… maybe check those out? Regardless, here’s the picks.

76ers (+10.5) Over Hornets – The Sixers usually keep things close against the Hornets, I expect no different tonight for a team hungry for a win.

Celtics (-8.5) Over Nets – The Celtics have been on fire lately, I expect a nice victory here.

Grizzlies (-5.0) Over Rockets – Vegas finally accepting the fact that Houston is just not good right now?

Timberwolves (+1.0) Over Pistons – Tough matchup… I’ll just go with the home team.

Spurs (-9.0) Over Pelicans – The Pelicans are so bad defensively, so the Spurs should have themselves a night offensively.

Knicks (+7.0) Over Thunder – I have a weird feeling that New York will keep this thing kind of close…

Jazz (+2.0) Over Mavericks – I like picking underdogs sometimes.

Suns (-2.5) Over Nuggets – Another Friday night of Bledsoe and Knight going off.

Clippers (-3.5) Over Trail Blazers – The Clippers are back at full strength… And this time they DON’T play Golden State…

Bulls (+8.0) Over Warriors – This is a great shot for a team to steal one at Oracle… the Warriors have to lose eventually right? I think Chicago makes this interesting.

Raptors (-7.0) Over Lakers – I can’t tell if the Lakers are good or not?

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