A lot of question marks throughout the league after some shocking games last week. Here’s the picks for this week.

Brian (43-38-1) (In Order of Confidence)

Raiders (-1.0) Over Lions – Yes, the Raiders just got stomped. And yes, the Lions just beat a reeling Green Bay team. That being said, the Raiders still outmatch the Lions in almost every phase of the game. Only 1 point? Bet the house.

Cowboys (pk) Over Dolphins – Romo is playing… That is all that needs to be said. Expect a completely new Cowboys team starting now.

Cardinals (-3.0) Over Bengals – A third straight prime time game for the Red Rifle… The Cardinals clearly have what it takes to win in prime time… Cincy does not… Cardinals win big here.

Chiefs (-3.0) Over Chargers – Somehow, Mike McCoy is even MORE unprepared for teams after the bye. The Chiefs handle San Diego here.

Jets (-2.5) Over Texans – The Texans can’t possible look good for three straight games, right?

Vikings (NL) Over Packers – Tough game for the Packers… a very tough game. I feel like when they inevitably explode again, it’ll be at home.

Seahawks (-13.5) Over 49ers – The Seahawks have just dominated the Niners as of late… So I’ll go gutsy here.

Colts (+7.0) Over Falcons – If Blaine Gabbert could beat the Falcons, then Matt Hasselbeck can beat the Falcons.

Bears (NL) Over Broncos – Very tough game here… The Broncos actually might be better off with Brock then Manning. The Bears have looked great so far… It’s a little concerning that the Bears aren’t favorites already though.

Bucs (+5.5) Over Eagles – Wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucs won period. So I’ll take them with the points. The Eagles are playing some very sloppy football right now.

Patriots (-7.5) Over Bills – Very tough to ever pick against New England at home… But Rex Ryan teams usually play well against the Pats.

Panthers (-8.5) Over Redskins – I don’t know about this one so much… The Redskins aren’t a very good team, but they occasionally play very well. The Panthers have played 9 straight great games… Are they bound to let up soon?

Jaguars (-2.5) Over Titans – Just avoid this game and enjoy the fact that somehow these teams are still vying for a playoff spot.

Rams (+1.0) Over Ravens – The Rams looked like garbage last week… So they’ll probably look like a Super Bowl contender this week.


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