This is a joke… But somehow, I’ve become an expert at being wrong. So I’m just picking what I don’t think will happen.

Brian (57-73-1)

Sixers (+8.5) Over Mavericks – The Mavs should win by 20+…

Bulls (-4.5) Over Pacers – You’d think that the Pacers would keep this rivalry game close.

Rockets (-4.5) Over Celtics – Rockets look awful. Celtics just beat OKC on the road… So of course…

Grizzlies (-2.0) Over Thunder – I don’t see how the Thunder could lose this game.

Blazers (+12.5) Over Spurs – I really don’t think this game will be close at all, Spurs should win by 20.

Suns (-11.5) Over Lakers – The Lakers just played a solid game against the Pistons, and I still don’t buy into the Suns.

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