Ok. State

A tough week, a few crazy games, but we’re finally getting an idea of who the real contenders are. Here’s some picks for this week.

Brian (30-33)

Temple (+2.0) Over Memphis – This is one of those spreads that feels way too easy… Temple has looked awful since their loss to Notre Dame. Memphis looked dominant against a good Houston team until they choked it away. You’d think Memphis would be the easy pick here.

Michigan (-5.0) Over Penn State – Ok this one is actually too easy… Michigan is going to rush Hackenburg all day and all night. It won’t be pretty. Michigan wins by 10 here.

Virginia Tech (+6.5) Over UNC – This has nothing to do with analysis, logic, anything like that. I predicted UNC to be a sleeper team in the beginning of the year. It’s looking promising. But we all know I’m not allowed to have nice things. UNC blows it here, just to make me look stupid.

Indiana (+2.5) Over Maryland – Indiana has at least competed with some of the powerhouse teams in the Big 10… Maryland is just a mess. I’ll take the points.

Miami (FL) (-1.0) Over Georgia Tech – I’m sick of Georgia Tech…

Utah (-3.0) Over UCLA – Two teams that should really be avoided, but I’m going for it anyway. Utah is a lot more consistent at home… It makes some sense here.

Wisconsin (-11.0) Over Northwestern – Another one of those fishy spreads… This feels like it will be a very close game. I don’t know what Wisconsin has done to prove they should be double digit favorites against Northwestern… So I’m picking them.

Arkansas (-3.5) Over Mississippi State – I really believe that Miss. St. should be able to cover this spread… Or win straight up honestly… But I’ve fallen in this trap before. I continue to disrespect Arkansas… Well, here’s the respect.

Missouri (+9.0) Over Tennessee – Tennessee just hasn’t impressed me as much as I thought they would. Missouri at home isn’t an easy task either. They should cover here.

Oklahoma State (-1.0) Over Baylor – This is simply about picking the team that still has something to play for… Baylor basically lost their playoff chances against Oklahoma.

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