Well, 6-5 last night… oh so close to 8-3… Stupid Mavs and Bulls couldn’t score 1 more garbage time point. That’s what happens when you bet basketball. Here’s tonights picks.

Brian (52-62-1)

Spurs (-17.0) Over Sixers – Huge spread… doesn’t matter… The Spurs should win by 30…

Clippers (-3.5) Over Pistons – The Clippers are back at home, where they usually play better.

Magic (+5.5) Over Wizards – The disrespect for the Magic continues…

Mavericks (+5.5) Over Rockets – I… Hate… Houston… Sometimes they’re a top 5 team… sometimes they’re the Sixers…

Cavaliers (-5.5) Over Bucks – I want to believe that Milwaukee can keep it within 5… But they continue to let me down.

Nuggets (+7.0) Over Suns – The Nuggets are… kinda ok… They should keep it within 7 right?

Warriors (-18.0) Over Nets – Never will I pick the Nets over the Warriors… I don’t care if I’m given 40…

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