Basically, just go ahead and pick the opposite of what I predict. I refuse to give up though.

Brian (46-57-1)

Timberwolves (+7.5) Over Pacers – The Pacers are at home, but Minnesota has a solid advantage down low with Karl Anthony-Towns.

Magic (+1.5) Over Jazz – I’ll take a Magic team at home that has been playing well lately.

Hawks (pk) Over Celtics – This is a tough one, but Atlanta has been more consistent this year.

Knicks (+6.5) Over Cavaliers – I’m probably making a mistake here, but the Knicks usually play Cleveland tough.

Raptors (-9.5) Over Pelicans – This feels way too easy… New Orleans +9.5 that is. So I’ll go opposite.

Bulls (-6.5) Over Hornets – The Hornets dominated Chicago the last time they played. I can see the opposite happening tonight.

Thunder (-13.0) Over Sixers – I’m tired of trusting the Sixers to cover manageable spreads.

Trail Blazers (+6.5) Over Grizzlies – The Blazers just outmatch the Grizzlies in the back court… I see a close one here.

Mavericks (-8.5) Over Lakers – Basically what I said about the Sixers.

Houston (-5.0) Over Nuggets – A Houston team that just lost at home to the Nets is favored by 5 against a team that already destroyed them this year? Something’s not right here.

Kings (-7.0) Over Nets – With Demarcus Cousins, the Kings are a different team. They should beat the Nets fine here.

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