Brian Sullivan

Not a terrible week? Actually did pretty well against the spread, I’m still a few games above .500, which means I’m still earning you guys money. Let’s get into this weeks games, again in order of confidence. Check last weeks, you’ll see that ASIDE from that Colts upset, the higher ones were pretty spot on.

Record – 37-30-1

Giants (+8.0) Over Patriots – Come on, seriously? We’ve seen this charade so many times… We all know this is staying within 3… Seriously Vegas? What are you doing?

Packers (-13.0) Over Lions – The Lions are just a train wreck… The Packers are angry… This has rout written all over it.

Bengals (-12.0) Over Texans – Sorry Texans fans… But your team is a train wreck on fire that also somehow has been infested with rickets and scurvy, that then washed up on the shore of Madagascar and was defecated on by the local wildlife. The Bengals win by 14+.

Ravens (-5.5) Over Jaguars – The Ravens are too well coached to blow this game. They’re hanging on by the skin of their teeth in this playoff hunt, the Jaguars, in Baltimore, will not end it, especially after a Bye. Ravens should win by 10+.

Chiefs (+7.0) Over Broncos – Have the Broncos beaten anybody by more then 4 this year? Every Broncos game is close. The Chiefs seem to have found some life, and Andy Reid is very solid after the Bye. I expect a very close game here.

Eagles (-7.0) Over Dolphins – This might seem hypocritical, but the Eagles also really have yet to blow anybody out. But unlike Denver, Philly is known for it’s high powered offense and domination of weaker opponents. Chip rallies the team here for a nice 13+ win.

Browns (+4.5) Over Steelers – THIS IS CONTINGENT – If Big Ben plays, TAKE THE STEELERS. But I’m assuming he won’t, that injury looked nasty. Also, I’m hoping Josh McCown plays. If so, Gary Barnidge could have himself a game, and the Browns could be looking at a very close game.

Buccaneers (-1.0) Over Cowboys – The Bucs are annoying… Sometimes they’re kinda good, sometimes they’re worse than the Texans. However, I’d rather spend a weekend in the Sahara desert with nothing to drink but cactus skin then bet on Matt Cassell… So the Bucs it is.

Rams (-7.5) Over Bears – The Rams should dominate this game, but that extra .5 makes this very annoying. The Bears could easily turn a 14 point deficit into a 7 point deficit with a garbage time TD, they do that sometimes.

Raiders (-3.0) Over Vikings – If I didn’t despise the Raiders, I’d be less confident. But knowing how this season has gone, they’ll find a way to destroy me mentally. They’ll win, against a great defense, behind a great game, from their new great quarterback, that will also make my sleeper Vikings team look bad. The football gods hate me people, take Oakland.

Redskins (NL) Over Saints – This game…. Which Saints team shows up? I have no clue, but I assume since they’re playing a bad opponent, on the road, that the bad Saints will show up.

Titans (+4.5) Over Panthers  – This spread is very fishy… Even on the road, you’d think Carolina would be favored by 7 or so? Coming off of some VERY impressive wins against playoff contenders, we could see a Panthers team come out a little overconfident. Who knows?

Seahawks (-3.0) Over Cardinals – Very tough game to pick here… But Seattle at home is still Seattle at home… I can see them winning by about 3-7 here.

Bills (+2.5) Over Jets – No idea. Honestly. This is a toss up. Which Bills team shows up? Which Jets team shows up? Do either QBs get hurt? Does Lesean play? Does Sammy play? Do either get hurt mid game? I don’t know. So I guess I’ll take the team that gets a few points.

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