Well, last night was a real stinker… 1-6, including multiple 1 point losses via the spread. Time to bounce back?

Brian (41-48-1)

Sixers (+8.5) Over Raptors – The Sixers need to win eventually right? Even if they don’t win, they should keep it respectable.

Magic (-8.0) Over Lakers – I’m done… I’m done depending on the Lakers to keep within 10 points of teams… They’re awful.

Hornets (-5.5) Over Knicks – Two teams that make no sense to me… I’ll take the team that I continue to neglect.

Pacers (+3.0) Over Celtics – Celtics are another one of those inconsistent teams. After a great road performance last night, I could see them blowing this here.

Pelicans (+10.5) Over Hawks – With AD playing… They should keep it within 10.

Clippers (-7.0) Over Mavericks – The Mavs are just… very mediocre so far this year. The Clips are one of the few consistently elite teams this year.

Rockets (-12.5) Over Nets – THE NETS ARE SO BAD…

Warriors (-7.0) Over Grizzlies – THE WARRIORS ARE SO GOOD…

Nuggets (-3.0) Over Bucks – I want the opposite to happen… But the Bucks have been underachieving and the Nuggets have been overachieving.

Pistons (-1.0) Over Kings – The Pistons have been surprisingly good this year… The Kings? No.

Spurs (-7.5) Over Trail Blazers – It feels like the Spurs have just had their number so far over the past few years…

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