Getting closer to .500 as things start to even out, keep up, we’re trending positively right now.

Brian (40-42-1)

Wizards (+4.5) Over Thunder – Things in OKC just aren’t clicking yet. Even if they win, it’ll likely be close.

Cavaliers (-5.5) Over Jazz – The Jazz just haven’t been great so far this year… simple as that. Cavs win by about 10.

Lakers (+12.0) Over Heat – The Lakers are just terrible… but they live for these high profile match-ups. They should keep it somewhat close.

Raptors (-8.0) Over Knicks – The Raptors are a lot better at home, and they are built to beat weak teams like NYK.

Bucks (-1.0) Over Celtics – Two similar teams, I’ll take the home team.

Timberwolves (+2.0) Over Hornets – I still refuse to believe that Charlotte is any good.

Pelicans (-2.0) Over Mavericks – The Pels have to win a game eventually? Right?

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