A few days off for a weekend away, but we’re back with our picks.

Brian (36-39-1)

Sixers (+7;5) Over Bulls – At home, the Sixers have done a nice job covering against good teams. They seem to play the Bulls tough usually.

Magic (+3.5) Over Pacers – The Magic are undefeated ATS still. Vegas needs to stop underestimating them.

Timberwolves (+9.0) Over Hawks – The Hawks have looked great so far, but I’m not sure if they’ll have answers for Wiggins. The Wolves are a new team this year, they’ll keep this tight.

Trail Blazers (+1.5) Over Nuggets – Damian Lillard has been a problem all year. Take him while he’s hot.

Spurs (-8.0) Over Kings – I may never pick the Kings again.

Warriors (-14.0) Over Pistons – I may never pick against the Warriors ever.

Grizzlies (+6.0) Over Clippers – This is my “Even I don’t think this will happen” pick of the night. The Clippers should win by 30… But they do usually play each other tough so I guess I’ll take Memphis.

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