Early season basketball is unpredictable… Teams like Charlotte, Portland, Phoenix, and others are hot for some reason? Meanwhile the Grizzlies and Pelicans are playing like bottom 5 teams? Things like this will change, just when? Anyways, here’s the picks. Maybe just keep up for a few days and see if the streaks begin.

Brian (30-37)

Magic (+6.0) Over Raptors – The Magic have been perfect ATS so far this year (5-0), and the Raptors aren’t exactly known for dominating teams on the road.

Sixers (+15.0) Over Cavaliers – The Cavs just don’t blow teams out as often… The Sixers always seem to play them tough too…

Wizards (-1.0) Over Celtics – The Wizards have looked solid so far.

Nets (-3.0) Over Lakers – Don’t bet on this crap fest… I guess I’ll take the home team.

Bucks (+2.0) Over Knicks – Redemption for Milwaukee?

Hawks (-3.0) Over Pelicans – The Pelicans are gonna win a game… big… sometime soon… But I won’t pick it.

Pacers (+1.0) Over Heat – PG and company have looked decent as of late, I’ll take them at home here.

Pistons (+4.5) Over Suns – No clue what to think of either of these teams… so I’ll take the team that can lose by 4 and still get me a point.

Warriors (-17.5) Over Nuggets – Huge… Huge spread… But give me the Warriors.

Rockets (-6.0) Over Kings – I’m tired of picking Sacramento… of course they’ll find a way to cover, unless I pick them.

E. White (5-3)

Lakers (+3.0) Over Nets

Bucks (+2.0) Over Knicks

Pelicans (+3.0) Over Hawks

Heat (-1.0) Over Pacers

Pistons (+4.5) Over Suns

Warriors (-17.5) Over Nuggets

Kings (+6.0) Over Rockets (Kings win Straight Up)

Cavaliers (-15.0) Over Sixers

Magic (+6.0) Over Raptors

Celtics (+1.0) Over Wizards

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