The Pacers, Suns, Blazers, and Kings keep screwing me… You never know what you’ll get from them.

Brian – Record (28-34)

Thunder (pk) Over Bulls- Two teams coming off of losses, that need wins. I’ll go with the Thunder here.

Heat (-3.5) Over Timberwolves – I wonder which Heat team will show up here… I’ll bank on the good Heat.

Mavericks (-4.0) Over Hornets – No idea how the Hornets dominated Chicago… but that shouldn’t happen again.

Jazz (-1.5) Over Nuggets – Ok Jazz.. I’ll trust you one more time…

Grizzlies (-4.5) Over Trail Blazers – The Blazers just looked great on the road… so of course they’ll look like garbage at home…

E. White’s Locks (3-0)

Thunder Over Bulls

Wolves (+3.5) Over Heat

Mavericks (-4.0) Over Hornets

Jazz (-1.5) Over Nuggets

Blazers (+4.5) Over Grizzlies

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