Brian Sullivan

This week, we’ll try something different. Not only will I give my picks, I’ll give them in order of how confident I am in them. This could be fun. The higher the game is on the list, the more confident I am.

Record (30-24-1)

Patriots (-14.0) Over Redskins – I’m not even joking when I say I might take this if it was Patriots by 28… The Patriots are unstoppable and the Redskins are the… Redskins…

Broncos (-5.0) Over Colts – The Broncos might not score a ton, but neither will the Colts. That defense for Denver is too good. I can see them winning 17-3 or something like that honestly.

Eagles (-2.5) Over Cowboys – Eagles? Revenge Game? Against Matt Cassel? I’m normally not super confident about rivalry games… I am about this one.

Raiders (+4.0) Over Steelers – I’m not confident that the Raiders will win… But they have to keep this historic rivalry within a field goal right?

San Francisco (+7.0) Over Falcons – The Falcons have just been… awful… Honestly they’ll win this game, but I can see something similar to the Tennessee game. 10-6? 13-7? Blaine Gabbert is not winning this game, but the Niners will keep it close.

Saints (-8.0) Over Titans – I wish I was more confident in this one.. But the Saints did lose to Tampa at home back in Week 2. Are they finally a little more consistent? Do they handle the worst team in the league at home? Logically they should… But they are the Saints.

Bears (+4.0) Over Chargers – Who knows if this will be the week that Philip Rivers throws 6 TDs? It might be? But the Chargers are awful… The Bears should win this game.

Vikings (-2.5) Over Rams – Is Todd Gurley good enough to tear apart this Vikings front 7? Who knows? I’m not sure that he is though. Still, crazier things have happened.

Jets (-7.0) Over Jaguars- Geno Smith is out… so the Jets are fine.

Packers (-2.5) Over Panthers – I don’t know what to do with this game… Does Aaron Rodgers bounce back? Is that enough even if he does? Does Newton go off? This is a coin flip…

Buccaneers (+2.5) Over Giants – My upset of the week… So unless you really trust me maybe avoid it.

Dolphins (+3.0) Over Bills – Do the Bills return to Week 1 form? Do the Dolphins return to Dan Campbell form? Or are they bad again? No clue which teams will show up here… Plus it’s a rivalry game…

Cincinnati (-11.0) Over Browns – Dalton’s first prime time game this year. Rivalry game. Bengals due for a loss eventually. Dalton on prime time. Dalton on prime time. Dalton on prime time…. Nothing would surprise me here. Bengals win 56-0? Not surprised. Browns win 30-3? Not surprised. Bengals or Browns win by a field goal? Not surprised. Just… just don’t bet on this game guys…

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