E. White is proud of his impressive debut, while Brian had a rough one. Here’s the picks for tonight.

Brian – (24-29)

Celtics (-2.0) Over Pacers – A nice win for the Pacers last night. I want to buy into them, but I’m not ready to just yet.

Spurs (-4.0) Over Wizards – The Spurs are just really good.

Bucks (-10.0) Over Sixers – The Bucks seem to have the Sixer’s number as of late. At home, Jabari is back? Blowout.

Nets (+8.5) Over Hawks – The Nets have been so awful all year… But you have to think they’re motivated to get that first win eventually right?

Magic (+8.0) Over Rockets – The Rockets win this game, but I think it’ll be pretty close.

Raptors (+8.5) Over Thunder – Basically, the same as the Magic game. Thunder vs. Raptor games are always fun.

Kings (+9.0) Over Suns – I just don’t buy into the Suns… I think that Demarcus has a good night.

Jazz (-5.5) Over Trail Blazers – I have yet to be right about a Blazers game this year… They confuse me. But I’ll take the Jazz at home.

Clippers (+7.5) Over Warriors – The Warriors look unstoppable… But the Clippers usually play them tough. They won’t win, but on national TV? I expect a very tight game.

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