A solid 5-2 record last night has Brian feeling pretty confident. Here’s the picks

Brian (22-24)

Bulls (-3.5) Over Hornets – The Hornets are annoying, I can see them playing really tough til the end… But I don’t have the guts to call it.

Pistons (-5.0) Over Pacers – I don’t know what’s going on with Indiana, but they look awful. The Pistons look dominant. Drummond should feast down low.

Hawks (+4.0) Over Heat – The Heat have looked great so far, but I feel like they’re due for a loss here to a quality team. Or at least a close game.

Magic (+3.0) Over Pelicans – Both teams need a win… But the Magic have just been playing better basketball.

Mavericks (+1.5) Over Raptors – The Mavs have actually been decent so far… I’ll take them at home in one of the better games of the night.

Kings (+5.0) Over Grizzlies – The Grizzlies are coming off of a humiliating 50 point loss to Golden State. They’re probably feeling dejected. They should win, but the Kings keeping it within 5 is very realistic.

Lakers (+1.0) Over Nuggets – The Lakers have to win a game eventually right?

E. White’s Locks (0-0) – Starting today, basketball expert Eric “E.” White will give you his locks of the night.

Raptors (-1.5) Over Mavericks

Grizzlies (-5.0) OverĀ Kings

Hawks (+4.0) Over Heat

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