Brian Sullivan

A solid 7-3 week got me back to .500, think I’ll do a few more games this week.

Record – 15-15

Baylor (-17.0) Over Kansas State – I know Seth Russell is out, but this Baylor offense is built to succeed with any QB. So much talent, so well coached. They’ve been routing everybody, that should go on here.

Temple (-12.5) Over SMU – I don’t see why Temple can’t rout a 1-7 opponent. SMU has a decent offense, but against this Temple D? Temple bounces back big.

UNC (-8.0) Over Duke – That heartbreaking loss against Miami felt like it killed the season. Expect Duke to come out dejected, as UNC rolls them at home.

Notre Dame (-8.0) Over Pittsburgh – Notre Dame wasn’t perfect against Temple, but they got the job done. Like Duke, Pittsburgh basically lost it’s chance to win the ACC with their loss to UNC. They might also come out sluggish against a powerhouse team.

West Virginia (-8.0) Over Texas Tech – Sometimes, spreads just look so weird… I feel like Texas Tech should be favored here… Which is why I’m taking WVU to rout them.

Northwestern (-2.5) Over Penn State – Hackenburg has actually looked great as of late, but this Northwestern defense should shut them down.

Florida State (+12.0) Over Clemson – Florida State has had Clemson’s number the past few years. Even if Golson is out, they have so much talent that they should keep it close.

Michigan (-24.0) Over Rutgers – Back at the Big House? Against a terrible Rutgers team? 56-0 feels realistic…

Oklahoma State (+5.5) Over TCU – At home? Against a weak defense? Ok State should keep it within 3. They’ve come too far to get blown out.

Washington State (-3.0) Over Arizona State – My sleeper pick Sun Devils have looked lost all year. Washington State has energy, ASU does not. That’ll show here.

Memphis (-7.5) Over Navy – Navy has been decent, but this Memphis team is on fire as of late.

Auburn (+7.0) Over Texas A&M – It feels like Kyle field has lost some of it’s luster. I think A&M wins here, but it’ll be very close.

Washington (-1.5) Over Utah – This Utah team is headed downhill… Washington poises a tough test for them. When a top 15 team is an underdog to a 4-4 team, there’s a reason.

LSU (+6.5) Over Alabama – I feel like these games are always decided by a field goal.

California (+4.5) Over Oregon – This should be a very close game, so I’ll take the better team and the points, even on the road.

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