Rough night on Halloween, followed by a skip day. Early season NBA is unpredictable, so keep up, it’ll get better.

Brian (17-22)

Sixers (+13.0) Over Cavaliers – Call me crazy, but the Sixers usually play the Cavs tough. At home, in front of one of the only big crowds they’ll have all year? They should keep it within 13.

Bucks (+1.0) Over Nets – Both teams have looked awful… I have no clue where to go. I’ll just take the team I’d rather see win I guess.

Spurs (-7.0) Over Knicks – The Spurs, along with Golden State, Oklahoma City, and the Clippers, have been very consistent so far. They take advantage of weak teams like NY. Blowout here.

Rockets (+4.0) Over Thunder – The Rockets have been… awful. They’re the first team to lose their first 3 games by 20+ points. Let that sink in… even the SIXERS haven’t done that. The NBA hasn’t made much sense here, the Thunder have looked too good. I feel like this is the game where Harden drops 50+.

Timberwolves (-5.0) Over Trail Blazers – I find it weird that the Wolves are favored by 5 over anybody, but Portland, ever since opening night, has been atrocious.

Warriors (-8.5) Over Grizzlies – The Warriors are just too good at home…

Clippers (-9.0) Over Suns – Ditto. The Clippers are too good at home.

Thanks for reading, let’s see how this goes this week.

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