If you feel like taking a break from all of the football today, take a look at some of these bets.

Brian (16-17)

Pacers (-3.0) Over Jazz  – Last chance, Indy needs this win. The Jazz are coming off another game, the Pacers blew it against Memphis. They should win here.

Wizards (-7.5) Over Knicks – I guess the Knicks aren’t very good?

Warriors (-4.5) Over Pelicans – I’d be very surprised in the Pelicans kept this one close.

Grizzlies (-12.5) Over Nets – I dislike these giant spreads, but the Nets haven’t competed with anybody yet this year.

Trail Blazers (-2.5) Over Suns – The Suns got theirs last night, now the Blazers bounce back at home.

Clippers (-10.5) Over Kings – The Clips are a juggernaut, that should continue tonight.

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