Brian Sullivan

Doing alright on the year so far, let’s try and keep this positive streak alive.

Record (25-16)

Patriots (-8.0) Over Dolphins – I hate this pick, but it feels too likely. Patriots end the little Dan Campbell spark.

Lions (+4.0) Over Chiefs – I think the Lions win here. They just fired their awful OC, so they’ll whip out some unexpected plays on the Chiefs.

Ravens (-3.0) Over Chargers – The Chargers are awful. Ravens win by a touchdown or more.

Falcons (-7.0) Over Buccaneers – The Falcons have looked bad on offense as of late, but they’re back at home, against the team they dominated last year. I’ll take Atlanta.

Bears (Pk) Over Vikings – No Spread, I’ll take Chicago at home.

Cardinals (-4.0) Over Browns – I think last week was an indicator of the fact that the Browns are toast again.

Texans (NL) Over Titans – They didn’t even bother to give this awful game a spread. Just give me the home team.

Giants (+3.5) Over Saints – I can see the Giants winning, or losing by a field goal. Either way, they cover.

Steelers (+1.5) Over Bengals – Steelers at home. I don’t need to say anything else.

Rams (-8.0) Over 49ers – Todd Gurley continues his feasting in a 10 point win here.

Jets (-2.0) Over Raiders – The Jets are a lot better than San Diego. They are built to beat the Raiders with a dominant defensive line. They win here.

Seahawks (-6.0) Over Cowboys – The Cowboys are lost without Romo. The Seahawks win by 10 or more.

Packers (-2.5) Over Broncos – The Broncos won’t be able to keep up. Manning looks bad, he won’t carve up the Packers top notch defense. Rodgers will find a way to make some plays.

Panthers (-7.0) Over Colts – Mismatch alert. The Panthers are too tough for Indy. Big win here.

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