Week 7

Brian Sullivan

Another decent week, keep following guys and I’ll keep getting you that money.

Record – (17-10)

Seahawks (-6.5) Over 49ers – Something feels fishy about this spread. Neither team has looked impressive, it feels too easy to take the home team with the points. I feel a Seahawks rout here.

Bills (-4.0) Over Jaguars – The Jaguars have been pitiful this year. The Bills have been pretty good. They need this win more, I expect an easy one.

Vikings (-2.5) Over Lions – Not sure how the Lions will score in this game. Harrison Smith and company will be able to slow down their passing game. The Vikings establish the run and win by 7.

Saints (+4.5) Over Colts – The Saints looked revitalized last week. They are built to beat the Colts if they perform like they did on Thursday. A good rushing attack and pass rush will win this game, or at least keep it close.

Steelers (-2.0) Over Chiefs – Ben? Jones? It doesn’t matter, the Steelers win by 21.

Dolphins (-4.0) Over Texans – The Dolphins look like a new team, and that should continue here against a weak Texans team.

Jets (+10.0) Over Patriots – The Jets usually play the Patriots close. They won’t win, but they’ll keep it under 10.

Rams (-6.0) Over Browns – I like how the Browns have been playing this year, but the Rams are coming off the Bye, and they have a very tough defense. They win big here.

Falcons (-4.5) Over Titans – The Titans may be without Marcus Mariota. The Falcons are looking for a bounce back. Easy money here.

Redskins (-3.5) Over Buccaneers – This is a tough one, but I’ll take the home team to win by a touchdown here.

Cowboys (+3.5) Over Giants – They always seem to play each other tough, no matter who the QB is. So I’ll take them here with the points.

Raiders (+4.0) Over Chargers – See “Cowboys over Giants”. They always play tight, I expect it to be a 3 point game.

Panthers (-3.0) Over Eagles – The Panthers are too tough on defense for Philly to handle. The Eagles are due for a loss, I see it happening here.

Cardinals (-8.5) Over Ravens – They’ll win by 31.

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