Brian Sullivan

Rough week last week… I went 3-7 overall. So this week, I’m going to go against everything I believe in, and we’ll see how that works. You may enjoy this article, but seriously, this could help you win money.

East Carolina (-2.5) Over #22 Temple

Temple has one of the best defenses in the nation, and they’ve looked solid against all of their opponents. On the road, they aren’t quite as good as at home. Still, I don’t really buy into this ECU team, I think they’re solid, but not great, and Temple has a huge game against Notre Dame next week, so this is a must win. I really think Temple will win this game… so bet on ECU.

#20 Cal (+3.5) Over UCLA

UCLA can’t lose three straight right? Despite injuries, this team is loaded with talent. They are at home. They provide a mismatch against a weak offensive line on Cal. So I feel like they should win this game by double digits… So pick Cal.

Clemson (-7.0) Over Miami FL

I like Brad Kaya and the Hurricanes, and at home, I think they’re a pretty formidable squad. They played FSU tough at home, so you’d think they’ll be able to keep it close with Clemson… which is why Clemson will win by 35, so pick them.

Nebraska (-9.0) Over Northwestern

Northwestern was so good, and then Michigan just demoralized them. Nebraska has had trouble closing out games, and Northwestern still has a decent defense. You’d think they’d be able to play it close against Nebraska right? So take Nebraska, they’ll win by 24.

Texas (-4.0) Over Kansas State

I still think Texas is terrible, and I still think Kansas State is decent. So i’ll be proven wrong this week, as Texas blows Kansas State out of the water. Take Texas.

Boston College (+8.0) Over Louisville

Boston College has not looked good on offense, and Louisville has a decent defense. Louisville has looked better as of late, especially at home, I think they should handle their business against BC, so I’m sure for some reason Boston College will suddenly look like the best offense in football this week, putting up 56 in a rout. Again, for some reason… So take BC with the points.

Virginia (+17.0) Over North Carolina

Virginia has looked awful this year ever since their close game against Notre Dame. North Carolina has been putting on offensive clinics. They should win this game by 40+… So of course they won’t. Take Virginia.

#8 Alabama (-16.5) Over Tennessee

A huge spread… in an SEC game… for a good team that isn’t built to score a ton of points against another pretty good team? There’s something very fishy about this… It feels too easy to pick Tennessee… So take Bama.

USC (-3.0) Over #3 Utah

Ok… Vegas is literally begging the entire nation to bet on Utah. They know something that we don’t know. The #3 team in the nation against a team that just lost its coach, and that team is FAVORED? No. Something isn’t right here. Something doesn’t add up. Nobody, and I mean nobody thinks USC will win this game… so for some reason, watch them win by double digits.

EDIT – I forgot a 10th Team, so here it is, an hour before it starts, Florida State (-5.5) Over Georgia Tech

Hope you enjoyed the article, despite the sarcastic tones, I can truly see these things happening… specifically because I can’t actually see them happening. Follow us on Twitter @TheMadManSports and go to our Youtube page for more!

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