By Brian Sullivan

It’s about time I start helping you guys make some money. After going 42-21 over the past 4 weeks for picking games straight up, I figured I’d take a shot at the spreads. So as of now, I’m 0-0 on the season. Hope this helps.

Texans (-5.0) Over Colts

This depends on if Luck plays tonight. If he doesn’t, take the Texans. But assuming he does, take the Colts. They’re a mess, but the Texans are an absolute debacle right now.

UPDATE- Andrew Luck is officially out, bet the house on the Texans.

Titans (+3.5) over Bills

Take the money-line on this, I think the Titans will upset Buffalo. Even if they don’t they should have enough preparation and home momentum to keep it within 3.

Chiefs (-9.5) over Bears

I don’t like spreads that are this big, but the Chiefs are at home, and they’re coming off of a brutal stretch of games. The Bears do have Cutler back, but the Chiefs still outmatch them on both sides of the ball. I’d avoid this game, but take the Chiefs if you have to.

Washington (+7.5) over Falcons

The Redskins aren’t terrible. They aren’t. They still aren’t as good as Atlanta, but they are good enough to pound the rock against them, control the clock, and keep it within a score. I expect a nice 3 or 4 point victory for Atlanta, tough to expect two straight blowout wins.

Bengals (-3.5) over Seahawks

The Seahawks offensive line is atrocious. Russell Wilson is going to have a tough time scoring points in Cincinnati, especially if Marshawn Lynch doesn’t play. Andy Dalton has been money this season, especially at home. Take the Bengals, this won’t be as close as people think.

Jaguars (+3.5) over Bucaneers

The Jaguars defense is actually not terrible. The offense has been awful, but the defense hasn’t been bad. They should force a few turnovers against Tampa, I expect them to win straight up, so take them here.

Browns (+6.5) over Ravens – The Ravens are winning this game, but they always play it close with Cleveland. Watch, the Browns will be up 20-17 with about three minutes left, but then the Ravens will score a TD or kick two field goals. It’ll be close.

Saints (+5.5) over Eagles – I don’t know who to pick in this game, so I definitely can’t expect one team to win by more than 5.

Packers (-9.5) over Rams – The Rams are coming off a very impressive win against Arizona, so why should we expect anything less than them completely letting their fans down. Packers rout them.

Cardinals (-3.5) over Lions – The Cardinals are still a complete team, and the Lions are just… unfortunate. What a tough game here to try to get a first win.

Patriots (-8.5) over Cowboys – This feels like easy money. The Patriots, off a bye, it’s too easy… They’re just too good.

49ers (+7.0) over Giants – These two always play eachother tough, so I expect the Giants to win, but in a close game.

Pittsburgh (+2.5) over Chargers – Even if San Diego wins, I doubt they’ll win by much. Le’veon Bell should have a field day.

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