Week 3 Picks

We are back with our picks, here they are for week 3.

Records so far

Brian – 24-9

Eric 27-6

Christian 16-4

Here’s the picks:

#12 Clemson @ Louisville

Brian – Clemson

Eric- Clemson

Christian- Louisville

#11 Florida State @ Boston College

Brian – Boston College

Eric- FSU


New Mexico @ Arizona State

Brian – AZ State

Eric- AZ State

Christian- AZ State

Rutgers @ Penn State

Brian – Penn State

Eric- PSU

Christian- PSU

USF @ Maryland

Brian – USF

Eric- USF

Christian- Maryland

UNLV @ Michigan

Brian – Michigan


Christian- Michigan

Illinois @ UNC

Brian – UNC

Eric- Illinois

Christian- UNC

Northwestern @ Duke

Brian – NW

Eric- NW

Christian- NW

Memphis @ Bowling Green

Brian – BG

Eric- BG

Christian- BG

Virginia Tech @ Purdue

Brian – VT

Eric- VT

Christian- VT

#15 Georgia Tech @ #9 Notre Dame

Brian – ND

Eric- GT

Christian- ND

Nebraska @ Miami (Fl)

Brian – Nebraska

Eric- Nebraska

Christian- Miami (FL)

#6 Auburn @ #14 LSU

Brian – LSU

Eric- LSU

Christian- LSU

South Carolina @ Georgia

Brian – Georgia

Eric- Georgia

Christian- Georgia

Texas Tech @ Arkansas

Brian – Arkansas

Eric- Texas Tech

Christian- Arkansas

Colorado @ Colorado State

Brian – C-State

Eric- Colorado

Christian- C-State

Florida @ Kentucky

Brian – Kentucky

Eric- Kentucky

Christian- Kentucky

Cal @ Texas

Brian – Cal

Eric- GO GOFF GO (Cal)

Christian- Texas

Pittsburgh @ Iowa

Brian – Iowa

Eric- Iowa

Christian- Iowa

Stanford @ #8 USC

Brian – USC

Eric- USC

Christian- USC

#17 Ole Miss @ #2 Alabama

Brian – Bama

Eric- Bama

Christian- Bama

BYU @ #13 UCLA

Brian – UCLA

Eric- UCLA

Christian- UCLA

#24 Utah @ Fresno State

Brian – Utah

Eric- Utah

Christian- Utah

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